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usnic pey-Herbal Remedy

Source:QeD Direct | Updated: Jun 13, 2016

usnic peyfirstly isolated pong german tej w. Knop 1844, qaStaHvIS wa'DIch synthesized SabtaHbogh 1933-1937 yo'a'neS Hajmo' pong Curd 'ej robertson.since vaj, usnic pey moj rav extensively HaD lichen metabolite wa' puS 'e' vav HIqem lupoQ je.

uniquely tu' neH lichens 'ej especially abundant genera such as alectoria, cladonia, Usnea, lecanora, ramalina 'ej evernia.the common spec usnic pey 98 vatlhvI'wIb, SuD, Sub substance, pa' usnic pey. latlh Dabbogh Hoch'e' chenmoH usnic pey Sodium 95 vatlhvI'

vIHtaHbogh application potlh role qaStaHvIS law' yotlh Qujusnic pey . utilized law' lichens 'ej extracts usnic pey Sev medicinal, perfumery, ben law' ecological applications cosmetic. gher usnic pey je substance watlh creams, Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh, mouthwash, noSvagh 'ej sunscreen products, qaStaHvIS je pov principle, qaStaHvIS latlhpu' je preservative cases 'op. in addition to antimicrobial activity against Human poch pathogens 'ej 'aghta' usnic pey antiviral, antiprotozoal, antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory 'ej analgesic activity exhibit.

je 'aghta' ecological 'angbogh Da, such as antigrowth, antiherbivore 'ej anti-insect bang. pa' cases 'op lopta' wIvmeH biological activity SabtaHbogh cha' enantiomeric chenmoH usnic pey. qen num porgh Damo' ghaH Soj supplements usnic pey Sev ngI' reduction, loQ ngaq scientific lo'. review Qu'mey potlh emphasis chemistry biological 'ej activity usnic pey derivatives in addition to rational 'ej ecologically acceptable methods provision natural compound ghISDen yIteb je.


pey usnic; lichen; biological activity; antimicrobial;

antiprotozoal; antiviral; antiproliferative; anti-inflammatory; dermatitis

usnic pey usnic pey Sodium

typical Chromatogram usnic acid98 vatlhvI'

chemical tlham

usnic pey je' nuqDaq? chay' tlham lan?

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